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Title: wasapu pays group admins
Post by: Support on April 30, 2016, 01:15:14 pm
Wasapu social network is better than whatsapp you know. Wasapu pays all group admins. As a member of wasapu you can create interesting group for your friends that you will use for sharing information.

Why wasapu pays you? It is simple question. You get paid because you perform marking job and administration job. Becoming a group admin is not a simple task. We know you must organize your group members and control them all days. So you deserve to be paid.
How you will receive your money? You will receive your money through paypal if you are in the country that support receiving money through paypal otherwise we can communicate with you and arrange the appropriate payment method available in your country such as mobile phone payment method.

How much an adimn is paid?
At the time being each group admin is paid $20 once the group reaches 199 active members
How an admin can get all members to add in the group? An admin can get members from old whatsapp see in your whatsapp contacts inform all your friends about this new opportunity by sending the link ( copy this link properly and paste wherever you think people can see and click. After your friends have installed the app their contacts will show that they use wasapu so the last action is to click add member to the group. The work is over wait for money.

Important to note
Before you add more that 5 members in the group make sure you have added this number 0652428852 the specialist will get a message that you have created a group so will review your group and give you more online support up to the day of payment

More tips

You can get members from other online websites by displaying the same link ( such as on a blog, facebook page twitter yahoo mail gmail and other websites but remember to ask their mobile number that you will use to add in the group